• Image of Calendar 2021

All profits from sales of this calendar will be donated to the Duff-Court Neighborhood Life Committee. The COVIQ aims to improve tha quality of life of the underprivileged population of the neighborhood adjacent to Duff-Court Street in Lachine and allow residents to become actively involved in the development of their living environment.

Design by Braulio Amado and Hugo Jeanson.

Photos by Alex Zhang Hungtai (january), Charles-André Coderre (february), Ata Kak (march), Nadah El Shazly (april), Jessica Moss (may), Annika Henderson (june), Helena Deland (july), Faten Kanaan (august), Ami Dang (september), Bernardino Femminielli (october), Ben Shemie (november), Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (december) and Roger Tellier-Craig (cover).

13 pages
Size: 18inch x 24inch
Print: Indigo

*** will ship on December 22nd 2020 ***